Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A box of captain's biscuits, nearly full

"Rat," he moaned, "how about your supper, you poor, cold, hungry, weary animal? I've nothing to give you - nothing - not a crumb!"

"What a fellow you are for giving in!" said the Rat reproachfully. "Why, only just now I saw a sardine-opener on the kitchen dresser, quite distinctly; and everybody knows that means there are sardines about somewhere in the neighbourhood. Rouse yourself! Pull yourself together, and come with me and forage."

They went and foraged accordingly, hunting through every cupboard and turning out every drawer. The result was not so very depressing after all, though of course it might have been better; a tin of sardines - a box of captain's biscuits, nearly full - and a German sausage encased in silver paper.

"There's a banquet for you!" observed the rat, as he arranged the table. "I know some animals who would give their ears to be sitting down to supper with us tonight!"                             

  Look, what thy memory cannot contain
  Commit to these waste blanks, and
    thou shalt find
  Those children nursed, deliver'd
    from thy brain,
  To take a new acquaintance
    of thy mind.

John Julius Norwich
An English Christmas
  Kenneth Grahame
  The Wind in the Willows
John Murray, 2017©

Christmas Crackers
  Commonplace Selections
    William Shakespeare
    Sonnet 77
Allen Lane/Penguin, 1980©

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