Friday, June 19, 2020

Juneteenth now

Who might ever have guessed that the genealogy of America's deliverance from Donald Trump and his Republican Party would be traced directly through the emphatic embrace in Spring, 2020, of racial equality before the law?

And why was this, except that both the necessity and the reward for struggle came to be seen as one. People turned to each other in disbelieving unison to ask, Where the hell have we been, to forget that playing fair is first of all to play? They rid themselves of Trump by reclaiming the sheer pleasure of the soul-sustaining resolve to be fair. 


  1. ahh so you are here still. bravo for you. I was searching out imagery from 2011. imagine. Are you on Insta? Such a brave new world. ~B

  2. Kind of you to investigate! Among other things, it has always discouraged people who look for the blog by the name displayed on an apparent mast-head, instead of the name derived from the image. Something Platonically awry, I don't need to tell you. Yes, I am here, with a couple of protracted interruptions for which I need sometime to apologize, if I can repair them. I'm pretty well reconciled to accepting this setting in lieu of branching out into more influential platforms, because while I have always regretted a journal's incurably originating aspect with every entry, I am fortunate in a few readers such as yourself, who helped me to get the thing off the ground, the first time.