Friday, July 30, 2010

About Summer

for Tassos

It seemed high. It seemed deep.

Just our luck.

It was, "damn you."


  1. any news from Tassos. Where is he gone ?

  2. Our Rétif de La Bretonne wrote in lately to explain that he'd begun to feel more like Rocinante than his rider, and had been allowing himself a bit of rustication on the island of P, as one might have supposed. No doubt there shall be vivifications strenuous enough for us all to endure, when he re-appears, whether at his old post or another one. A restive spark there lurks for certain. But like you, I wondered; and his was the implicit push, to your more overt one, whereby you find me hurtling in mid-air in the document above.

  3. can you wait till September?
    I love you!
    I love your blog-work too...

  4. That's not "waiting," Tassos. That's Tassos.