Friday, July 30, 2010


Which is the provenance of the other - its terroir ?


  1. I think a gentleman may send me to french translation every post, merci. pgt

  2. Maîtresse, "A whipt dog is a wiser dog" -- Brando, as Emiliano Zapata, screenplay by John Steinbeck.

    I hadn't wanted to be thought to be discussing glass, at all, so I recessed its reference in a remoter mode from ours. Moreover I found the adjustment so musical I couldn't resist it. As for provenance, litigation has made the concept so famous, as to carry its renown even to innocent hearing. Terroir, while more hypothetical in some ways than the right to private property, is hotly controverted by honest people as well as knaves. I am, you see, declining the exoneration you offer, in order to accept your hint to improve my postings.