Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A dialogue of need and nourishment ii

Commentary at a blog:

For me, the theft of "The Guy in the Striped Room" from the Frick always made it too poignant to visit the museum after lunch. Indeed, it made lunch necessary, to recompose upon a sequence of plates, those elements of nourishment the canvas had framed completely in itself. The failure, then, of the whole restaurant principle comes crashing down upon one, to return to that house on a full stomach.


  1. Have you seen 'L'Amant' de Louis Malle , with Jeanne Moreau ? A Masterpiece !!!

  2. Complete accord with your assessment, and it remains a supreme gesture in the evocation of sexual fulfillment. Moreau assisted Truffaut so well, too, in his evocation of romantic permutation in "Jules et Jim," that as we recall these two directors for their genius in the directing of women, she persists at the center of this judgment - and will always do so with this face she wore in the rain on the Champs-Elysées. Great fortune shined on cinema that night.

    I am heartened by your notice of this entry.