Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sometimes the face of Julien Sorel

reminds, without a word,
he never went away.
He never will, he's our Julien.

Photo Paolo Roversi for Gucci
W, August 2010


  1. I think I must read this, Le Rouge en le Noir.

  2. Stendhal created 2 very fundamental 'guys' and for someone like oneself, who always arrives at literature's illuminations a half-generation too late, I certainly know what you mean by a ' must read.' I'll never catch up, you might; but I think it likelier that your writing project will create a project of that kind for everyone else. We'll blame you for that, of course. :)

  3. Alain Delon is Julien Sorel. What a pity he didn't get a chance to play this role.

    1. This comment is worthy of amplification as a "guest" posting in the current day. Of course you know, this is the face of Chabernaud, so the suggestion is spontaneous and informed by inspiration. One's own small mind races, to which of 3 great directors with whom he worked, could see him home into that rôle the best: Clément, Antonioni, or Visconti? Each one brings a distinguishable structure of stengths, and I do not see Clément as a discount Visconti or Visconti as a shallow Antonioni. I would rather he were directed by Jean-Pierre Melville, the 4th great director of his work, but to return to Delon, himself, I'd have to say your casting strikes me as very legitimate, and his career gives confidence that a vivid adaptation of a great fiction could have been its crowning conception.