Sunday, October 3, 2010

Can somebody clear up for us, please

... whereas the mind of Man, when he gives the Spur and Bridle to his Thoughts, doth never stop, but naturally sallies out into both extreams of High and Low, of Good and Evil; His first flight of Fancy, commonly transports Him to Idea's of what is most Perfect, finished and exalted; till having soared out of his own Reach and Sight, not well perceiving how near the Frontiers of Height and Depth, border upon each other; With the same Course and Wing, he falls down plum into the lowest Bottom of Things... Whether a Tincture of Malice in our Natures, makes us fond of finishing every bright Idea with its Reverse ... it hath been the usual Method of Mankind, to single out some Being, either in Act, or in Vision, which was in most Antipathy to the God they had framed.

Is The Horror
John McCain
wants us to

or forget?

Jonathan Swift
A Tale of a Tub, 1702
JS Bach
Prelude in C major, 1722


  1. marveling at your wisdom, as usual, dear sir

  2. Any marveling is reciprocated, Victoria, that any marveling is going on. But thanks for the serve & volley!

  3. Always marveling your wit and wisdom. (I'm awful at games, so the serve and volley goes right by me. I think.) You are a wise man, with an eye for great beauty and an ear for that which is most precious, and my hat is always off to you.