Thursday, October 7, 2010

One cool place to go

... the human/canine relationship is universal,

she said, and we take care to pay attention. One of the coolest guyblogs not known for that virtue, is the work of a lady in Maine. Just when you think you're going to be reading about dogs and their liberties, she whacks you with a demonstration of free expression and human rights.

Gentlemen, bring your dog, and blog.  


  1. you might also enjoy

  2. Yes, RMBL-for a girl,I agree and she mixes it up & keeps me interested and thinking, and always the dog. having lived alone for 20+ years at one point-that was what got me home many days, a dog and a thought.pgt

  3. Bruce, the timeliness of your referral spares one a blogging of the horror of force, as Simone Weil put it in her gorgeous essay on the Iliad, which we raise our boys to adore. That's a fine website; I didn't know about it.

    "A dog and a thought," LA. Damn that's good.