Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eccovi il medico

What is the secret of Don Alfonso's satirically pompous announcement of Despina's arrival, that for more than 200 years, not a listener has not been swept up in her conspiracy as Così's Mesmerist physician? The phrase heralds a lampoon to project the composer's gift for the most ravishing seductions ever perpetrated upon the human ear. A Sextet of wicked élan and scandalous jest, the music smashingly delivers on her promise - Ecco una prova di mia virtù!

So Cerruti sent a guy down the runway in Paris last Fall, extracting the possibilities for panache from red and blue, with insouciance of cloth and cut. What a rôle for trousers.

René Jacobs, Concerto Köln
Harmonia Mundi, 1999©

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