Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It is a cold night

I am very sorry 
to be able to think
only of the cold.

Bleeding quietly on your fence,
your Keds, your shetland silent,
your posture so hastily improvised 
where you hang, with so little thought
for your comfort - 
for what would come 
after you exhausted them. 

I think of you.
It is cold, so far from you.
So far from you
it is only cold.


  1. Is that a reference to Matthew Shepard, gone 10 years this day?

  2. This the anniversary, surely in the media the least marked of all, of Matthew Shepherd's death. The horror of it still strong even after all these years. With Downcast Gays (I think it's called) a pamphlet published in Britain in the 1980s is an essential read for those of us who look with wonderment at this history and also at how little is done to improve the situation.

  3. The United States is very much not like other countries in the world. In material respects our culture is not congruent with our statutes, and it will assist our international friends, in particular, to be advised to expect violent dysfunctionality, based on a severe, sui generis misconstruction of the word, freedom. This is a society which raises boys to embody sanctimonious belligerency, and incites conduct in them with religious reinforcements without regard for the paradox of having criminalised it. We are a society of sharecroppers groomed to equate freedom with a non-existent right to be ruthlessly, purgatively unfair to the outgunned, the outcast, the out of pocket. This “freedom” is our bargained compensation for lives of grinding economic indenture, and it is always invoked loudest where that historic reality is most intractable - the fragment of this nation where Reconstruction failed.

    Now I see it asked, if this posting has to do with Mr Shepard, and I think I have to suppose that it has to do with how cold it is all over this land without his character. As day follows night, the law will discipline an assassin who is caught; as night follows day, the culture will breed him all over again in its image, exonerate him in its pulpits, idolise him in its politics, and emulate him in many more ways than dreams. Mr Shepard was an unpardonable threat to all of this. Fairness cannot be inculcated without bringing down the edifice, itself.

  4. I greatly hope the United States can navigate the strait you lay out, Mr Nicholas.

    B, your own essay on this matter is outstandingly comprehensive.

    Marc, the warmth of your memory is vital. Thanks for bringing it here.