Monday, December 6, 2010

Eva Truffaut revisits Jean Vigo

Readers may recall a previous entry on Jean Vigo, which pursued an interest in water which he naturally enriched enormously in film. Now, owing entirely to heeding one's own advice, one finds Eva Truffaut celebrating Vigo for his interest in light, if I may be so bold as to put the pillow fight in Zéro de conduite in such simple terms. In any event, she makes a splendid case for this appreciation, with an invaluable entry at a blog I'd possibly never have discovered, but for watching the movements of Valéry Lorenzo, with whom she left a comment allowing us to track her down.

That posting, alone, is priceless for its salvaging of signal images from one of the treasures of world cinema. But this is the work recorded in her blog, and it directly precedes a stunning comment on Hannah Arendt, in cinematic stills. That work is beyond praise and this blog gives an answer to many a filmlover's prayers. It follows that none will ignore this discovery.


  1. i just don't know how i got to stumble on your blog , but i just did and i want thank you for these lovely words

  2. I value my days and it has warmly made this one for me, to hear from you. You are certainly very welcome to these cursory remarks, and I wish you well.