Thursday, December 16, 2010

Make it desirable

for Victoria

.. and you won't lose it.

The most important book published in English in 2010 is about something vital this nation has abandoned, for something delusional that no god can give. But no one will ever be persuaded to reclaim one's birthright, much less be restored to one's rightful place in life, if one hasn't been shown that it's safe to love it. We had better start with the 5-year-olds, and we had better waste no more of them.

Endpaper note to Laurent's older brother
  Kenneth Grahame
  The Wind in the Willows
  Heritage Press, 1940©

Paul D. Halliday
Habeas Corpus
  From England to Empire
Belknap Press, Harvard, 2010©


  1. laurent, beautiful as ever. you might like this? further food for thought: happy, happy holidays. we must enjoy our gifts.

  2. Thank you, VT. I read this dense micro-attachment on my telephone and felt very spiffily with-it (as if THAT construction weren't revealing enough), until I cast about the floor for one of these little rotters (to test these hypotheses), and found I didn't have any. I am not, by the way, requesting one as a holiday gift! But as for enjoying habeas corpus, I'm afraid it does depend upon being detained, so I propose that for after the holidays, and a nice game of touch with the Fifth Amendment for the duration . . :)