Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boygifts for the neediest

Has anyone not been dazzled by a certain gender's endless vorac-ity for thingamajigs? There can't be a finer format for portraying this, naturally, than the 'tumblr' blogging system, which allows an unalloyed drench of image glop to inundate the tendrils of desire, neither edifying nor dampening them. 

An almost frighteningly endearing exhibit of this system's strange facility is called, paraphrasingly, "10 Slices." I can't say how I ran into it, only the other day, researching contemporary mores from this rural redoubt. By all means, the familiar brandings of one's own more vulnerable years were plushly still in evidence, yet the 'tumblr' system's mode of ubiquitous, eclectic transfu-sions of 'liking' and reblogging mean not only that the cultiva-tion of a style is reassuringly not the point, but that the recurrence of certain articles of consumption allows a very coherent cri de coeur to emerge, of candidly advanced neurosis. 

At this particular spot, timepieces without num-erals seem to frame the core of necessity. And who should wonder, where their articulation is secondary to their ag-gregation? Compulsion doesn't care what time it is, it's simply in a hurry. I had a rat like this, in Psych 101.

But how does that go again, about boys' being what they are? I don't mean the one about the price of their toys - we all know that to be vital - but some other one, that escapes me just now. The other mania, larger even than indifferent clocks, is cupcakes. How Mr Clemens' treacherous genius for gender typification did wash back to mind from chapter 11 in Huck Finn, as our fugitive closed his legs to catch a sweet in his lap, while disguising himself as a girl. Is the boypassion for personal pastry to be that saving grace by which - who knows - Huck's raft might yet escape this steady river of requisites? We gaze upon the emerging generation, with wonder's currants of nostalgic hope.



  1. Nice!
    but I prefer legs for a gift!

  2. All the better to fetch your Roditis, I trust.

  3. should I make a run for it?