Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hedgie adopts a bloggie

Now, are you going to be a goddy little bloggie, and do as Hedgie says? Or is Hedgie going to have to be baddy-strict with you, and take away your biscuit? Meanwhile, gimme babycuddles. Hedgie will let you have a sip from his preshylishy saucer! Now make Hedgie all gladdy by not being a bloggy little bloggie, so he can let you down.


  1. Whit specialises in that state, but I shall inquire, and I know he will thank you for the thought.

  2. A reading later in the day seems to favour our page with a knowing geniality. I should take the advice of one's mentors and shut the thing down until the soup!

    LA, I might object to the quality of the grip beneath the tummy, but not for a short duration; and there can be no doubt of its gentle intent.

    RD, a gracious geste of friskiness is all one could desire.