Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday gut check

In wearing haste to dress for the office, it takes but a second to record the weekend's wear and tear on the waistline, and note the requisite course corrections, if any, for lunchtime. Download the document in media res, and circul-ate it at once to your trainer for independent review, with cc to your topiarist. In most cities, you can expect a return comment right away. Remember: silence is not golden in regard to such questions, in cities akin to New York or San Francisco, where networks are friable, or in Dixie, where translation is incred-ibly time-consuming. Bring the gun, leave the cannoli.  


  1. That's topiary for you. We don't recommend it for viticulture or olive trees, so you may not be accustomed to it. I understand it flourishes prolifically on Paros.

  2. Is he for real! Gravity has followed it's natural course where my derrier is concerned

  3. First time I've seen the masculine form adopted for this word as a noun. Does one do that? Oh, but you know, I wouldn't know. Early in life I accepted the term, fanny, for this sector and never found it necessary to advance. I don't think your difficulty's with physics, I think it's with etymology. Not to suppose a subtle drapery of derrier [?] might not be the latest thing, for all I know; in which case, félicitations.

    But this is about the waistline, not to raise a point of order at this late hour.