Friday, May 20, 2011

Flotation discovered


If really we are fated, Socrates, to dwell in the impenetrable nonsense of pictures and texts, there is always a certain leave to be begged for memory, itself, to indulge our taste for dialogue. A reader brought one of our earliest interlocutors to mind the other day, with the gift of a picture (no less) of swimmers of a certain time and indefinite place. One was carried back to finding one's own buoyancy, a subject deferred here while trying to plant feet on the ground, but probably never to be accounted for, by terms and punctuations such as these. 

So let us talk of arms of burnished warmth and solace that would lift a lad in water, giving harbour and permission to be brave at one's own pace. Looking back, one counts the repeal of knowing nothing as beginning in those days, with a patient sibling and a lifeguard called Tony at a pool they still call the Coral Casino. But this was light years ago, and nothing remains the same except our parturition in the flux of perfect play. That will always need a patient watch, and courage drawn from gentleness and strength.


  1. As a teenager growing up on a farm in country Australia, there was nothing so liberating as going for a dip in our local swimming hole, free from care!

  2. Toms! If you grew up that way, I (for 1 among several hundred) want a 2nd blog from you. Too bad you came here, David; you could have had the rest of the weekend off . .

  3. the coral casino
    now there is a story...

    miramar hotel next door, now sitting in ruins after three or four owners.

    one can buy one of the beach bungalows for a $1 now laurent. honestly.

    i write this having just come home from a swim.

    water always has memory attached to it.

  4. I remember the blue roofs of the Miramar, enchanting little habitats. But I truly was as young as I've related lately, at that time; so, as they say, they see what they understand. I really didn't care to investigate the possible existence of the CC for the reason you give, but I did, just to spare the reader any disorientation. I'm certain it can't be as it was, I don't care to know what it is. :)