Saturday, May 21, 2011

The LTA Suite ii: what frames the flux of perfect play?

For better than a week, a question has recurred here lightly - am I going to understand. One arrives at a new school, attends a party in an unfamiliar part of town. Asked repeatedly of pictures, how commonly is it asked as a picture?  

We confront the unfamiliar with arduous suppression of preconception but with lavish enrichment of self-conception. Who can suppose that Socrates' complaint of unresponsive texts, pictures, would assume the unanimated self? 

Greene had remarked on the gift for sensing the unfamiliar, in Loser Takes All. What diminishes the natural endowment of inquiry? But what can provoke the questioner? Who, then, is the outsider, if there is no frame of perfect play?

Graham Greene
Loser Takes All
op. cit.

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