Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lake Michigan, Sunday morning

They are not talking much, 
and the talk is quiet, 
of nothing in particular, 
of nothing at all in particular, 
of nothing at all.

James Agee


  1. Bruce, always here when the going gets dicey. I appreciate this very much. I also appreciate the reference to a title which did appear in a short list of Agee's works, appended to this excerpt, but which I later struck to keep the reference specific. In fact Agee did not inspire the posting at all.

    Frankly I found the portrait superb for the shift in tone the page is taking at the moment, which I'll be exploring further, in the near future, with a presentation of a wonderful family portrait lately given me by another thoughtful observer of things here. The posting "went up" unambivalently and, to my mind, compleat, but the more I "read" it as you might have done, I kept hearing Agee, Barber, and Copland (Quiet City). So, without reconciling the original, Chicago-esque title with the associated text, I left it as you find it, 2 or 3 citations of Agee later.

    I thank you again for 'doubling' the respect for this writer which he deserves. It seems very right to me to do so.

  2. Franck, I'm happy to place some words before you (at last) which you can enjoy. I'm grateful for your not objecting to their association with circumstances not necessarily linked to a death in the family, as Agee wrote them to be. I feel no death in the family here at all. The posting continues a sequence on a different theme entirely, but the text is superb for it. And besides, it is not "abstruse." :)

  3. Ideally reflects my current mood. Has the utter simplicity, power and finality of a Japanese Haiku.