Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Then would fiscal virtue, Dr Johnson, be the last refuge of prudes?

chip of the closed, lost world, toward whose unseen grasses
this long-necked emissary horse
  eagerly still
  stretches, to graze
    World; Grass;
stretching Horse; ripe with hunger, bright circle
of appetite, risen to feed and famish us, from exile underground ... for
you  chip of the incommensurate
closed world   A n g e l

We suppose, by now, it's lost on nobody that the zeal to make an example of Greece is the exact coin of the new Right-wing hypocrisy in the United States. The practice of maldistributing bread with circuses of moral intimidation is a constant in this nation, and reeks of the counting house of Cotton Mather and the squalid plantation of Jim Crow. Having ransacked the wealth of the nation for the very purpose of impoverishing it, it is not now an act of genius for the Goths to blame the victim. Even the Roman Catholic bishops are finally disgusted. Can the renewal of the oil depletion allowance be worth the loss of a new generation?

Frank Bidart
A Coin for Joe, with the image
  of a Horse; ca 350-325 BC
op. cit.

ii, Tassos

The Washington Post
May 23, 2011

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