Friday, June 3, 2011

At a distance from the city ii

Speak with us in
the writing all
about you, Socrates;


  1. The fact dear Laurent that you have expressed interest in the fact that up here in the great white north you have two souls that comment on your musings, I will be like Socrates and write

  2. Intervention is like Socrates, but writing (and pictures, as he was saying to Phaedrus in the linked posting), he distrusted. In the original post, I illustrated his point of view; in the present post, I try to suggest the viability of exceptions. But in fact I think he's right -- as, of course, you are, and knew, and cetera. If we'd listened to Socrates, we could have avoided the whole plague of deconstructivists we've had to live through .. or maybe they could all be designing dinner jackets, as you've previously shown . .