Thursday, June 9, 2011

Other ambient colours

     white T's
     coded drawstrings
     unexpected green

Rothko, untitled, 1952


  1. Spooky, I just purchased a pair of drawstring linen tousers and attended an exhibition of works from MOMA here in Toronto that included a couple of Rothkos.

  2. Not spooky at all, David. Don't you remember, we met at the Johns, and dined on you at the Granite Club after the museum. I didn't discover the pants until later, of course; but did I not highly approve? Perhaps I hadn't told you my name ..

  3. One of my very favorite Rothko's.

    Art by Karena

  4. Dear Karena, Again you allow me to thank you for visiting, despite this long deferral of a Rothko. I share your enthusiasm, although no critic or friend could pretend or want to possess another's own reasons for it. My reasons do have a great deal to do with the "unexpected green." Isn't it dramatic?

  5. It only took you eight words and three pictures to say what I have not been able to articulate in eight years with three "how to talk about Rothko" degrees.

    I am tipping my king.

  6. Words and pictures, Socrates had mentioned [above], enjoy such a tenuous connection that one almost feels a regicide in this gratuity. But of course I'm thoroughly corrupted by it, anyway. And too bad, because I was hoping to discuss this painter again ..

  7. Dear Laurent, please forgive me for my lapse of memory re our tete a tete at the Granite Club.

  8. It's one thing to confess to not recalling one's name, and quite another to forget what we shared together. O I am so humiliated. :)