Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Without London, there'd never have been a Charles Dickens

What shall we say, 
about a Daimlerful 
of little ones ..

but that Miss Havisham
has had her way.


  1. If only Miss Havisham was so fortunate

  2. Well understood, Mr Toms - but on the other hand, that cake could not have been getting any better.

    Dear PGT, perhaps to avoid implicating Dickens in any question of this minor kind, I could have reconfigured the entire entry, to correspond better with the occasion. From Gus van Sant's "Good Will Hunting," the text would have been, "It's not your fault, WIll. It's not your fault." A happier mode. What we missed was the phaetonful of Corgis. Now, that would have been literature. :)

  3. But Dickens was always available for any and all to consult. He welcomes the intrusion. pgt