Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Laurent, what is a bastille?"

Has anyone else, who blogs pseudonymously,
had to deal with this phase, yet? I refer
to a naughty air that seems to surface at 
a certain age of the endeavour, as if the
antecedent had some sort of sense of its
own momentum. Only this morning, trying to
be civil toward the national day of France,
encouraging Laurent to apply himself to his 
posting brought about this exchange:

Laurent, now focus: what is a bastille?

A dull compound with a baccalaureate.

It wasn't so much what he said, but the cheek
with which he amused himself, unheard of, that
took even Whit aback, and promptly sat him down.
To be held over a barrel by an insubordinate
sobriquet is not, may we say, what brought us
to this page; and it sets a poor incentive for
others to bring something to life, with any as-
piration of sustaining its gentility. We've
half a mind to task him to study china.


  1. oh no- Laurent rebels! at least he picked the appropriate date. Relax, he will see the light-I do suggest hiding the china, in case his temper rises. pgt

  2. Yes, well, any rebellion went quite the other way. The embarrassment of this unauthorised posting represents a disorienting affront to one's readers, for which I apologise. I made the mistake of leaving my blog codes in plain sight, and I fear an indiscreet glimpse led to this incongruous utterance. Nobody remarks on Laurent except Laurent, above this line at least, and excepting Whit whenever he likes. That said, after observing midnight rites on the day's Underlying Events - a kind of secular Mass, if you will - one looked at another 23 hr 58 minutes, and frankly might have given an impression of a certain blitheness. I couldn't really say.

    What is 'china'? Shall I like it, do you suppose?

  3. Laurent, votre lettre du jour sur la Bastille ne manque pas de cachet. C'est le moins qu'on puisse dire.

  4. And I love the pic illustrating this posting. I'm dying to steal surreptitiously.

  5. Thank you for accepting the least from us, with such indulgence! As to the picture, I know where you can get a finer copy - or, the original at any rate. Whit (my dog) brought this back from a fur vault in Petersburg last May, where he'd gone on a tip that there was some Spaniel smuggling going down. It's Nijinsky, of course, showing off for Diaghilev as ever, practicing for Firebird; and I published it upside-down to throw the authorities off the scent. Whit left the original in the trunk, snaffling this print with his infallible nasal scanner, but did come home with a nifty chinchilla muff, for winter dozing, and other items of scant taxable interest - somewhat perishable, I'm afraid. Plainly, then, there can be no thought of 'stealing' where possession is so contingent to begin with.

    And what, pray, are you doing reading this page, on THIS of all nights?

  6. I've never been one for crowds and fireworks.

    I'll definitely steal your picture, Laurent.

  7. Mon cher voleur, one has remarked to you before, it's an infinite feedback loop in which we spawn, but your headwaters steep us all in inspiration. Meanwhile, it is the 15th now where you dwell, but Laurent is happy to impart more of this day to your invigoration, superfluous as it may be. It is a great day, F; long after its last minute, it is a great day.