Friday, July 15, 2011

Le jour se lève

It's 10:38 in the morning on a 15th of July; the St Cyr cadet reconciles him-self to dawn with that diffuse contrition which comes of passing une nuit blanche in the cellar of one of those countless Romanovs, who've held such receptions since their relief from duty. We urge no fear for the glistening delt, the moistened brow; they stack towels as de la Rentas stack pillows.

But could I really have agreed 
to tennis at noon?


  1. I am telling myself that I really like that manière particulière of yours to choose the pictures... There are the stories to be read, but also those photographies that always bring me... I don't know where... But it has become a great deal of my pleasures (of reading) and expectations when I visit your blog to scroll down slowly the page and stare at those.

    Sometimes I think "oh it reminds me of..."
    and other times "wow... I like that..."
    Or, "hmm.. I really need to travel and see such things... and meet such ... guys..."

    What a wonderful world...

  2. I have to thank you for your willingness to experience a visit here in a discovering way - or, more to the point, letting this be known to me, to others, about yourself. This character of confidance is, in turn, exemplary, so one takes it in that way.