Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I think modesty compels us to demand no more than the following

a crime, if you like,
                        to fit the punishment

                        not everyone can say
                        he has the power to
                        nourish the righteous
                        just by being himself -

                        as they are the first
                        to tell you

                        has your soul made
                        your churches rich
                        your rulers proud
                        and children die?

                        mine has

Lasse Pedersen


  1. Help me out here, please. Is this a quote from the good professor set into stanzas? Inspired by something he said? Or from the fashion model of the same name?

    I read in it searing commentary on religion and my entanglement with it, and on the hope that being fully oneself might make some difference in the world. I'm interested to know the context of the original quote. Thanks.

  2. Ah, I see Lasse is the model in the photo. I was caught up in the sentiment of the words. Yours, then? My compliments. I'd like to quote you in a discursive essay.