Sunday, September 4, 2011

When in our throat does it finally catch?

As Corleone remarked to the Dons, at the meeting with Barzini, How did things ever get so far?

Is this not what our two generations of Dixie-craving governance had promised us: Rick Perry Apostolic Skateboard Maintenance, Inc.? 

Animals. Animals
reject the rogue
with no regrets.

Animals invoke no
dogma for natural
happiness. Who did
superstition bring
to life?

What on earth do
we bring to life,
to subject it to
such monstrosity?

Francis Ford Coppola and
  Mario Puzo, screenplay
The Godfather
op. cit.


  1. Saadly, How- is the question RP does not think to ask, or does he think at all? more to a wink than a think-and for than flirt He may take all-then we will ask how did things ever get so far? & we will know.

  2. Do you remember the ingenious faith of the Globe's impresario in Stoppard's "Shakespeare in Love," that at the last minute and the darkest hour in theatre productions, everything magically happens to work out? It may be that we will somehow avoid having to ask Corleone's question. "May be" is not where you or I like to be, in support of what these people are now candid enough to say they want to destroy. They've just sent us their best monsters; in any quietude from us, this allows our procuring sages to say we accept their "moving of the baseline." The Mob has always moved this way, and I am grateful to these writers for making it so plain.