Monday, September 26, 2011

Yes, I do feel there is room for daring in the natural shoulder

We observe the social climb
that goes on all about us
as a quest for a ratifying
structure. To the couturier, 
this is ancient news.
He was not the first to see
the allure of a benign tyranny
in our own form; but he was
shrewd to grasp its renew-
ability in our resistances. 

Before any discernment, of 
hallmarks of the classical 
in original expression in 
couture, the experience of 
resistance is revived by 
evidence of novelty. The 
underlying tyranny is ref-
reshed, its allure recons-
tituted, in rhetoric 
embraced almost as one's 
own act of expression.

                                          .. But I know
         Why the other one frightens me. He is the question
         about whether the loves were phantoms of what existed
         as appearance only. I know how easily they come,
         summoned by our yearning. I realise the luminosity
         can be a product of our heart's furnace. It would
         erase my life to find I made it up. ..

Jack Gilbert
The Dance Most of All
  Becoming Regardless
op. cit. 

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