Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday commute xlii: When people don't come to the door


   They've probably
   already subscribed.

      But here, early this morning, 

      somebody heard the Mozart 
      Laudate dominum, 6 times.



  1. Your comment on my blog encouraged me greatly today. Interesting that Laudate Dominum was one of two pieces of music at André's memorial. The other, Cantique de Jean Racine, Fauré. I sent an email. Thank you on this Saturday!

  2. Dear Barbara, experience has denied me any example of encouragement greater than what a woman can give, and so I'm not embarrassed to be thanked for any minor increment of mine. Thank you and I hope one was useful. The Cantique is pretty near to perfect in its stand-alone solace and it would certainly give the soul great comfort to be its letter-carrier at a memorial service. To be a link, is the meaning of this posting, which is to the effect of 800 entries are worth it for a morning when someone wanders through and picks this thing off the page to his or her evident comfort. I am completely fulfilled by this scatter-shot unintended consequence of a random act of curiosity. And grateful for your note.