Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Eat the ravioli."


I never entertained such advice, in the context in which it was given in this astute and almost excessively subtle motion picture. But then again, I was never given it, except by implication, easily ignored. Now, I see areas in which it is entirely serviceable, and query a habit for more sophisticated fare. 

But a guy needs a dynamite jacket, as I discovered one afternoon off Times Square, investing in the Levi Strauss classic. I make no comment on this jacket, which is good enough for Will Higginson. But nothing from Hermès in suède to Ruffo in calf to Alexander Julian in melton cloth has ever settled upon me with the spontaneous click that Brick spoke of to Big Daddy. I acquired these surrogates for presentability's sake, but it was the Levi jacket that set the mold. Sometimes, the ravioli is the ultimate in solace. Sometimes it acquaints us, indeed, with a native hunger never known. Summertime was not a seduction, it was an extraction. We dare the shell that feeds us.



David Lean, director
H.E. Bates and
  David Lean, screenplay
Arthur Laurents, book
London Film Productions
United Artists, 1955©

Will Higginson


  1. One cannot escape that like ravioli the classics are the best!

  2. Hey, Dink, super to hear from you - how were the recent travels? Your remark hit the registry here as an edit was in process, so I don't know if you'd approve it. I can endorse your comment, of course; but I do remember an adventurous spirit you were expressing in dinner jackets, so I invite you to agree that a classic can also be adventurous .. ?