Sunday, November 13, 2011

Game from our valley, wild rice, and Châteauneuf tonight


You know, if you did not know there was a heavy wind outside, you might see that man tumbling along with his umbrella and think, How ungainly and clumsy. And so unnecessary, all this man's vain twisting. But, big sister, your window is shut. In the end, you do not know, and cannot theorise, what forces drive the man. And look, he said, pointing. The man is being driven down the road.

In an imagined conversation with his sister, Gretl, Wittgenstein explains his anxiety to give away his fortune. This will have to suffice, instead of reasons which she has rejected. I enjoy an eclectic sourcing of readers of this page, whose contributions to my life are as unexpected and diverse as its other resources, for which I am grateful. I discovered this gorgeous conversation through a comment from one of them, and I am happy to cite it for the feeling, that I sometimes don't know if I set a table here or refresh myself as a guest.

Bruce Duffy
The World as I Found It
New York Review Books, 2010©

Yves Klein

Mathias Lauridsen

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  1. They were a unique relationship. All of his were, indeed.

    And thank you, it makes me smile.