Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday commute xlix: space to let

This is the first photograph
I have seen in several years
which spontaneously inspired
me to possess it. I'm happy
to be able to recall, having
met it fatal moments ago, a
primary and pure effectIt 
was published with a frame 
of reference that I resisted 
investigating, and possibly
always will. 

By common practice, this is 
how a creative publication
is often read. Here, the 
publisher is in the place 
where this page has been
described, its writing be-
ing the privileged image,
collateral data resisted. It 
just happens to be the fate 
of that publication, for 
the writing to be the pho-
tograph. We all prosper in 
our own way. 

The picture at the center
of this discussion is the 
work of one of my favour-
ite writers of the day. 
I pretty entirely love it. 
Now with that frame of ref-
erence, I have invaded it,
and certainly your impres-
sion of it. This indelicacy
was not intended. I have
never doubted, it is sound
to read for the pictures.
I wish everyone a superb


  1. this image of the B&W figure is one to view with relish and delight - to own it would be a thing of beauty hovering framed over your bed stead making sure you dreamed dreams of dreams delight

  2. I cannot feel, Lucien, that any of one's walls should enjoy privileges greater than one's own, particularly where any thing of beauty is to be affixed. I dream well enough to contemplate the travel I could have enjoyed with the price of their already over-indulging paint, without letting them have the whole 9 yards of my reveries. Even with infinite means I'd probably not relinquish this to their enhancement. I know it marks one out as strange, but I've never believed in the spoiled wall; they have a job to do, and I say, let them get on with it. Hold the place up, Wall, and keep still.

    Still, I thank you for the generosity of the thought. :)