Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Will you go to Gstaad?"

Oh, I don't know what they're doing, but of course I won't. I want to spend some time with the new litter and naturally, I want to see you.

Yes, but they want us to be in New York - all ninety of us, it seems.

New York's no problem; see if you can say we have a singing date. They'll know better than to expect you back.

Where'll you be?

Mother has a place. It's stuffy, but there's room service.

Damn! You, and béarnaise.

John, I still want to go look at pictures with you.

You mad fool. You haven't stopped looking for the picture, have you ..

Oh, I think I have; and you were right. But there's a story in how they're done, and that's what I want to see.

.. I was already consciously in presence, here, of the most interesting question the artist has to consider. To give the image and the sense of certain things .. to give all the sense, in a word, without all the substance or all the surface, and so to summarise and foreshorten, so to make values both rich and sharp, that the mere procession of items and profiles is not only, for the occasion, superseded, but is, for essential quality, almost "compromised" - such a case of delicacy proposes itself at every turn to the painter of life who wishes both to treat his chosen subject and to confine his necessary picture.

Henry James
Preface to
  Roderick Hudson
The Art of the Novel
op. cit.


  1. My Teacher always said: "You are lucky, you have too much". I see his point, but difficult to manage sometimes.

  2. 2 guys who wouldn't deny they're lucky, except in their ruses to meet. "Difficult to manage," as you say ~ thank you.

  3. Leaving Mama with the litter, I suppose? How kind of you to forecast your whereabouts, dear fellow, to say nothing of ending your extended truancy. :)