Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We do sometimes take down an entry

Only to restore
it later to its


  1. And he is in a very good place now !

  2. Oh, you know these tiresome leg-lifts, Lucien. Of course this is an excerpt of a portrait of a figure in gymnastics rings. Knowing that the subject of the day would be rowing, I did not wish to distract with this more solitary pursuit, and settled for a generic pendency. He makes a good place-holder for remarks of some political pungency, which I always think are best not allowed to simmer near the top of a cassoulet, but which may be re-immersed later, where they blend more coherently.

  3. Only fair and only too kind, in that order. For him, possibly it's in the stave? For the place, plainly it's in the staff. Thank you for your visit!