Thursday, February 23, 2012

Traffic of the narrow platform

memory of Marcel Carné



 Departures and arrivals
 seem to carry the same
 moment on a span where
 nothing gathers because
 it isn't zoned for it,
 adepts of the balance
 beam reversing vector


Let us shape, shape residues -
or are they vestiges? -
I debate with the man no one wanted aboard. 

Shape, trace; or shape, sculpt?
Shape past, or shape future? 

Shape, forget me well. Shape now. 

One has not the blame one needs, 
to do thatForget me first.

Not inaudibly enough, the day comes up.  

Marcel Carné, director
Jacques Prévert, scénario
Alexandre Trauner, décor
Le jour se lève
Marcel Carné, 1939©

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