Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Virginia Governor raises disgust to new depths

As previously reported, the Republican seizure of power in every branch of Virginia's government has led to measures exciting the opprobrium of humanity, exposing the long-held obsessions of its Governor to the unexpected duty of fulfilling them in public. The grotesque proposition of a compulsory intimidating ultrasound invasion of the womb on the eve of terminating a pregnancy has now conflicted with the Commonwealth's ancient fastidiousness about ladies and their parts, not on principle, not on human decency, not in the defense of liberty or the equality of the gender, but out of prurient squeamishness. It doesn't matter to the Governor, that he intends utterly to subjugate women; what matters to him, now that he's openly running for Vice-President as the palatable Santorum, is being exposed as invading them. The universal nausea his misogyny excites, is utterly lost on him. He simply doesn't wish to be seen.

Fritz Lang
Nero-Film AG, 1931©

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