Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good news about rowing

    I am aware that you may see
    a landloct subject, strain-
    ing to pluck the lead from
    his English Cocker's collar,
    now that they've come to a
    rest in the shade. But in
    fact it's an enthusiast set-
    tling into his rowing mach-
    ine, having been permitted
    by his doctors to resume a
    light workout, twice a day,
    to amuse his restored ex-
    tremities. The interpreta-
    tion of pictures becomes a
    simple matter, don't you 
    find, once it's conceded,
    that nothing else is.


  1. The news are good!
    ... and there I rest my case, in the shade!

    1. Yes, I have to say this was very welcome news. Thank you for the companionable encouragements of your visit. What is strange about arterial repairs, is that we really don't have a physical sense which can distinguish those feelings from injury, say, to a ligament or muscle tissue, and so it is hard to realise that as long as the circulatory vessels are OK, the limb really is free to do more or less what it can, up to a point of common sense. As the keeper of your own trireme, you certainly know what it would mean to be barred from rowing, just to heal a little leg work. :)