Tuesday, April 24, 2012

There's a new litter on the way in Santa Barbara


  readinesses for this
  information vary wide-
  ly and are seldom ab-
  solute, are they ..


  1. Replies
    1. Perhaps, but just try getting any of them to refill the ice trays.

      Oh you make me feel terribly derelict, Maître, in taking your advice. The new litter is to be whelped sometime later this week, it seems, and will have puppies in blue roan like Whit and his uncle Geordie (this is their breeder), or in black and white like Robbie. Hence the matter of readiness: arterial bypasses and puppy shenanigans seeming almost too comic to entertain in the same household. But here we are ...

  2. Is this a current picture of Whit? He is looking oh so distingué. A puppy?
    And how do you DO? I am SO behind with Gentleman..., not dining in restaurants-but in hospital?
    What? What? As I continue to back track it becomes clearer but none the less disturbing. Laurent?

    1. Hello, LA, and thank you for coming by. The item is current but we aren't calling it a picture, because it is a telephone snap and Whit detests them, as you can see: suspicion, loathing and flight now 'rouse him from his rest. Wow did he need a grooming; but as you say, we had suddenly gone medical, as if Cary Grant in the wrong bathrobe in "Bringing up Baby" - and I share that little smile with you because you're one of the few contemporaries of the species who'll get it (as you might say). We had hope for a nephew from the new litter but they may all be show-home-destined, as is Whit's breeder's priority, for conserving the breed, and one doesn't blame her.

      We remain disturbed by our medical digression, so there may yet be amusement to come from it. I thought perhaps you had seen this, my oversight of course. There was an update today, although it looked as if it were about a different subject -- my way, you know. Again, thank you for the visit.