Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Sammy Alito resented his acceptance by Princeton

Just as Clarence Thomas
detested Yale for his
admission, Alito joined
the nasty society of al-
umni reaction during his
freshman orientation. 

The Supreme Court where
he sits is a brotherhood
of insecurities, groomed
by think tanks and spon-
sors of the Right as a
sleeper cell against a
progressive government,
maladjusted adolescents
when the Party calls.


  1. Stripped of rights and dignity. It's beyond the pale.

  2. Thank you for your visit and perspective. I trust you refer to the subject, not to its treatment above?


    Rehnquist was the blueprint of the RIght wing assault on the judiciary by gilding a “comer’s” CV with job-related sinecures in the Justice Department, the lower courts, or both. Like Dr Mengele’s fictional “boys from brazil,” young candidates for Party advancement are identified early and taught to keep their ideological powder comparatively dry, even when “on stand-by” in corporate-funded chairs at think tanks. Virginia’s Governor McDonnell, singled out and prepped at that uninhibited Right-wing academy, Liberty University, prematurely let the cat out of the bag with a vicious academic diatribe against reproductive freedom and the female gender in general, which would have cost him the Executive Mansion if Virginia hadn’t a standing dispensation for wild oats at feminine expense, for every good ol’ boy. The catechism of this entire custom was carved for us in stone by that other flower of Liberty University, Monica Goodling, whose first interview question of prospective employees of the Justice Department was, “And how is it that you intend to serve George Bush?”

    Jeffrey Toobin’s outstanding profile of Chief Justice Roberts in The New Yorker is a detailed study in the laughingstock his prevarications made of his confirmation hearings before the Senate, with lie after lie regarding his “philosophy” and respect for restraint. But Alito and Thomas, zombie anonymities from nowhere at the time of their nomination, are elegant exemplars of a highly typifying deformity on the RIght -- the genuinely incurable grudge against generosity, Thomas because of the ostensible humiliations of affirmative action, and Alito because the reactionary and misogynist intimidations of Concerned Alumni for Princeton offered the cover of pre-emptive rejection, a familiar shortcut of social and cultural envy. Now their resentments play out with socially devastating impunity because the US Senate, when it had these worthies before it as witnesses, simply ignored inherent nastiness as a disqualification for dispensing justice.