Friday, April 6, 2012

Suppose it were Friday lix: hot cross magic

    Who has ever once known it to
    fail? There one'll be, lazing
    in an exchange with a learnèd
    colleague on a subtle point of
    familial homophobia, when sud-
    denly he'll have to leap up to
    to attend to rising hot cross 
    buns. The escape is on a par
    with Toad's sighting of a mo-
    tor car, impeccable in its sym-
    pathies and impregnable in the
    dominion of their object.

    Just when it may seem, some-
    thing could not be any worse, 
    we're probably right. But not 
    even the direst obduracy has
    ever survived an insurrection 
    by that glossy pastry.

    Happy weekend to us all .. 

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