Monday, April 30, 2012

On schedule, a wonderful blog departs

  I know I have remarked, before, on
  my indebtedness to Valéry Lorenzo's
  reading list, and the same is cer-
  tainly true of Ivan Terestchenko's,
  as one should suppose. It is to his
  that I owed my introduction to Carol
  Reid Gallard's fundamental blog in
  garden gastronomy and culinary cul-
  ture in her département of the Landes.

  She has announced the planned clos-
  ing of her blog just as it had es-
  tablished itself as a relais of re-
  curring bliss in my monthly reading.
  By all means I will keep note of it
  in "Context" here, for as long as
  she cares to preserve it for our
  refreshment. Although we will miss
  the ongoing companionship, there is
  much to be extracted from the site.

i-ii  Mailhos

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