Sunday, April 29, 2012

Patient in Porto Rafti

     afternoon lost to
     re-finding the rock
     you can stand on
     way out past the
     raft, the flat one
     that lines up four-
     square with the door
     of the boathouse.

Jonathan Galassi
  The Last Swim
    of Summer [fragment]
op. cit.


  1. Replies
    1. at last - something heretofore unknown to the world - an impatient Greek!

      but surely the salaminia to Paros will be hauling by soon ~

  2. lets wait first for the election results on the 6th of May!

    1. From The New York TImes on April 11 - Some expect that the elections will produce a hung Parliament and require a second round of voting. “People will express their anger and grievances in the first vote, then in the second they will be more realistic,” said Takis Michas, a political analyst.

      Sounds like the way we vote in the United States, the way puppies pick a fight with bears. In the end it comes down to no choices worth having, which is all our markets demand.