Friday, April 13, 2012

Suppose it were Friday lx: panache declares a stock split

The story goes, that the young Terestchenko
wrote home to complain of the glare at mor-
ning assembly at his public school, and on
the sound proposition that he'd need two
eyepieces, the family sent down a Rollei. 
The rest of the story is well known, how
he grew so to detest the accumulation of
its heaps of awesome images, that he open-
ed a blog and then a tumblr, to dispose of 
the debris. 

Yet his debris was so often another man's
castle, that it went on, until, while run-
ning 'round Nîmes on low batt, his natur-
al release at last proposed itself in the
the pausing of panache, propulsion and 
poise on a perch of sweet perspective be-
tween its navigations of aplomb. He would
invest in a surfing van, to purge impres-
sions of its pursuit with peripatetic

What's good enough for lesser search engines, 
is good enough for our paragon of style to 
the bone; Terestchenko's photography page
has just declared a stock split, not to
sever surfing (I'd be sure) from its base
but to cast it forth in a new investigative
light, of the very most promising perspec-
tive and inspiration. We know it must be
marvelous, for this may be the first time
he's seized definition of his own project, 
with such open-ended permission. It in-
clines one to pay attention, bright as 
it's bound to be.

ii     Ivan Terestchenko Photography
iii   Tale from the Van


  1. whiff...and up we go !!!

    Lifted from dust to the height of Mount Olympus...
    I fell dizzy

    and awfully touched.

  2. I am flat-out certain this will be one of the most talked-about pages on anybody's reading list. Here's to your health and fair weather ~