Sunday, May 6, 2012

Catastrophe in Greece, near miss in Paris, cruelty in North Carolina

The noblest culture 
on earth has elevated 
Nazism into its Parlia-
ment and forgetfulness 
into its soul. Do they
think they can vote 
them out? 

The French have rebuffed a turn to the Right by the slenderest but - for France - most familiar of margins. And the far Right rose portentously. 

And in North Carolina 
on Tuesday the vulgar 
Right is poised to pun-
ish gay men and women 
by gratuitous Consti-
tutional amendment,
having nothing more

   Yes, they show their power,
   which is to say their pow-
   erlessness, who slaughter
   baggage handlers on the
   field of Agincourt.

   The way of our people is
   only one of hope. We would
   be with them, even if we
   were not of them at all.


  1. let me say that Greek voter's sence of satire has room for bad jockes too!

  2. This page is always at your disposal to say whatever you wish, and let me say that your postings on this matter have been a model of elegance and wit (which annoys me no end, of course).