Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Say, by the way, North Carolina

            If you're saying,
            I'm not valid for
            your marriage,

            how valid is
            your marriage?


  1. oh so true. I have fought this with some of my sanctimonious marrieds for Years. It is such a discouraging state of things-just thinking back to things here in 08. pgt

    1. PGT,

      I thank you for your visit and your comment. Obviously you are certain to have influenced many of your friends to think carefully about their views, and might have gone so far as to open their thinking on the sacrament, as well. I just don't take on that argument at this time. My interest is in the civil institution, access to which no one may be shorn of right for sectarian reasons. If the State is running an institution as a sectarian dispensation, that practice is Constitutionally toast. We shall see how the people of North Carolina wish to be governed. But the Constitution will impose limits on how deviant they may be.