Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What we mean when we say, Derek is Canadian

In what feels like one of the authen-tically Wildean moments in Stephen Fry's film on the unforgotten dram-atist - another being the presenta-tion of Jude Law's molded eloquents - he is introducing his devoted friend Robbie Ross on a stroll through the park as, "Canadian, you can tell by his youth." A tumblrist friend and gracious resource of this page - discoverer of our intrepid marginal explorer, Dickie Hakluyt - Derek admits to that nationality as well as its actuarial idiosyncrasy, but his tumblr bears such finish of Hibernian irony that condescension to these charms is summarily rebuffed. We treat with mischief, then, a mischievous new presence.


Stephen Fry, director
  and screenwriter
BBC, Capitol Films, 1997©

i-iii  beggars would ride


  1. Contrary to your assertion, the film 'Wilde' was definitely NOT written OR directed by Stephen Fry. These honours go to Brian Gilbert and Julian Mitchell.

  2. Thank you for this correction. The project had been so merchandised, to my observation, as Fry's Own Garden, that I had not even bothered to notice the credits. I'll leave the errors in view or your kindnesses would know no antecedent; meanwhile, the underlying reference remains relevant, and I hope you appreciated it.