Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dissent, the making of disappointment commendable

Our Spring in Piedmont Virginia
is climaxing much too radiantly
these days, to languish in this
subject with contentment; but
presenting a summary to download
and save for sharing responsibly
with others in this election year,
of that fortunately bungled bur-
glary which restored our sense,
as a free people, of having a
deal with our politicians, which
we are entitled to protect. 

The defense of our politics from
corruptions of unfair advantage
is harder than ever, with these
burglars' heirs empowered by our
Court to achieve with loot what
they couldn't loot of our free
will at Watergate in 1972. But
this will be plain enough, with-
out further remark today.

Those who lived through this
early debauch of faith and fair-
ness have done almost too little
to portray its antipathy to the
young, per se, not merely in the
demographic of wartime dissent
but in the defining naïveté of
our Constitutional experiment,
itself. It is right, to cast
this nation's birthright as
eternally innocent, demanding
protection through spirited
enactments of liberty.

It is natural to envision a well
matched choral competition, in
which the prize must go to the
party who promulgates the glad-
dest sound more gladdeningly,
of energy expended in the joy
of playing fair. We defend our
politics from sadness who dis-
arm it in our daily lives. It's
a beautiful morning in Virginia;
I hope it is, where you are.


  1. It is a beautiful morning & you just beautified even more.

    Is everything, that is everything, is everything. #reflection

    1. Thank you for your acceptance of this entry. Possibly it really is all owed to morning: as the saying goes, if you can't beat it, join it. :)

  2. If you can't beat them, join them. :) Gregory Y. Titelman proverbs and sayings 1996

    Can you solve this riddle?

    My kingdom does not last,not even a day & my glory is like a fantasy since before it grows dark,I will die.Who is this?

  3. You didn't solve the riddle :) it's the sunset.
    We all share that in common, as much as we all share the morning sun.
    Did you know, that you speak fluent Shakespearian riddles?! :)

    1. Not fair to solve one's riddle (at someone else's blog) in 24 hr, 9 min. Rules call for 15 min more than a day, minimum. This obliges you to propose another riddle!