Friday, August 24, 2012


Have you not heard? We have a man
of ideas to save us this Fall, an
intellectual from the Party of an-
ti-intellectualism. Paul Krugman,
the Nobel laureate in Economics,
has read his syllabus for us, and

As ever, though, they have a simple
answer for how reassuring Paul Ryan
is. They say, he didn't mean it, or
they say he doesn't matter, because
his running mate's nicer ideas, in
the event of any conflicts between
them, will be the ones that count.
Here a wink to you, here a wink to 
me. It's a wonderful thing to pose.


  1. Indeed. Sort of a collective shrug.

    1. Thank you for dropping in, dear S, and for lending our speculations such a generous helping of calming affirmation. They gave themselves a day off, on Monday, and I thought naturally of shopping and their little Other Needs. But I realise, they know they don't have their Story down yet. You know what? They aren't ready - But I gather it'll all be about American Exceptionalism 101, and how Kenyans don't get it.

  2. L. yes-it's shaping up to the fall back. it's a shame he can't remember what his old definition of rape was-before he got the new definition of it when he signed on the dotted line, oh and when he voted for the stimulus-and but none of that really matters. getting it down-to the lowest common denominator-that the math. pgt