Sunday, August 19, 2012

You knew, one day they'd get Lachowski on a horse

  Contemplating the exigencies
  of fashion marketing, as we
  are all compelled to do, be-
  cause of our jockey pants'
  infamous obsolescence the
  moment Lachowski dons a new 
  pair (despite the ruggedness 
  of those we already own),
  you and I have been resigned
  to the day when his agent
  would find him a mount to
  exploit his lithe seat, 
  whence the latest in equine
  wear must press itself up-
  on us all as a mandamus to
  go shopping. Did you bet, it
  would be some bobtail nag,
  and not this bay?

Oh, Saturday! Have you not noticed, too, that when it runs on at any length, the seeming calm can be disrupted by some obligation not merely to spend unexpectedly, but without expected fulfillment? And yet no plan can prepare us for the novelty of what Francisco Lachowski might wear today, much less tomor-row; and who would care to test the endurance of his friends, for such excuses as not having noticed or cared? As Sunday morning finds us, breaking in our new polo pants at the breakfast table, our pony stamping the earth impatiently for a workout, what is our excuse for having overlooked the sweater?

ii  Francisco Lachowski

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