Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Paul Ryan Watch: Cutie sent to Coventry

Who can forget how the ideologues drove
McCain to flail with Sarah Palin, for the
refreshing spectacle of a courageous pol-
itician, speaking boldly? That overlay of
Capra claptrap on a shrewdly erotic repair
of the ticket has been recast for Romney,
as an endearing Proud Daddy/Eager Son duo
of Ayn Rand zombies of the Waste Land. It
was timely, in this first week of celebra-
tion of the GOP's latest fantasy, for our
ket to stand in the corner today: better
than the dock tomorrow.

Nationwide, the Paul Ryan Watch is on. How
the Republican Party develops the myth of
the tragic 16-year-old heir to his share
of one of the largest construction firms 
in the Midwest, and parlays his cousins'
ownership of a small town into a sinecure
in its Congressional office, thence to run
as an expert in the rotten borough's pho-
bias for seven 2-year terms, will be a
wonder to watch as every one of his cruel
bromides is dissolved in clarifying study,
against the tacky pec-scratch of Fox News.

Compliments to Maureen Dowd, nailing the 
mountebank cynicism of this nomination
right on time.


  1. As someone who lives in Wisconsin, I will attest that Dowd was right on!

    1. As someone who doesn't live in Wisconsin, I must say, I miss the pheasant season.

  2. what She said. I once as my friend SP-(not sarah palin by the way) can a child be inherently evil? he said-yes my dear-of course-but it must go with a pretty face. Paul Ryan to a t. pgt