Sunday, August 12, 2012

We leave ideology for pathology, hook, line and stinker

Did I just see, for the second
election for national office in
the United States in a row, the
Republican Party poke me in the
eye by proposing, for 1st-in-
line-of-succession to the Pres-
idency, a figure of insultingly
vanishing experience, intellect,
judgment and dignity, in order
to inflame itself in broad day-
light with ideological red meat?

This is the most compulsive Par-
ty since the Khmer Rouge. The
transparent adolescent inversion,
the anguished horror of betrayal
in every stroke of social progress, 
are the naughty stink of Justice 
Alito and Justice Clarence Thomas; 
and now we shall see if this ter-
ribly unsecret abnormal psychology
can be voted into national office 
under any ventilation at all.

But had they the decency of a nano-
second's lapse of hypocrisy in the
announcement, to admit that they
wish to thrill their savage member-
ship by affirming, for the second
explicit time, Romney's embrace of
Ryan's fascist budget, before prom-
ising all general media in earshot,
that their nominee will put forth
his own, i.e., sane ideas? Do we
never tire of demagogues who don't
mean it?

So, again: is all that we are left in
the Ryan nomination a set of killer 
abs, acknowledged in every single
press release of the day, to go guy-
boast to guyboast against Joey Biden
in the Fall? But we already know, Joe
thinks he's handsome.


  1. Nothing new in politics then?

  2. Possibly not; and in any case, a cul de sac of complete distaste to me in the US these days. I dislike taking the blog there.

  3. Very scary indeed.

    I'm off to Kew Gardens, an excellent way to forget everything but the lushness of greenery and a fine synthesis between man and nature.

  4. Apropos happy thinking: